Why choose Kanler

Kanler is a construction company that specializes in custom home design and whole house remodels. Many of our clients come to us through previous client referrals, so our business thrives when you’re satisfied with our services.


We assemble experts from every field to make sure your project get the highest craftsmanship. Our team is fully licensed, bonded, insured, and has gone through an extensive vetting process. When you hire Kanler, you can be assured that we will never jeopardize quality.


Kanler eliminates many of the inefficiencies normally encountered in construction by utilizing technology. Removing these inefficiencies gives our team more time to keep you engaged with the project’s status and ensures top quality.


We want our clients to make educated decisions about their remodel so they know that they’re getting precisely what they desire. As many homeowners may not understand the construction process, we shed light on each step so you stay informed and know exactly what to expect.


Kanler acts as a third party to manage budget, documentation, schedule and changes. We have the knowledge to properly protect you from spending more than you should, proceeding with design that does not meet your intent, and managing payment disbursements between you and the contractor to minimize any financial exposure.


Kanler works off a smaller markup & manages a large quantity of projects whilst our contractors still focus on operating at their optimal capacities on Kanler projects, ensuring you receive the best price.


Kanler is able to get multiple bids through their network of pre-qualified contractors and able to remain price competitive by using high quality smaller companies while providing to the owners the assurances of a larger company (warranties, document control, online portal for your project, and general peace of mind throughout your project).

66 projects
156 contractors
$8m amount of projects
11/33/22 number of projects

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