What Is Urban Modern?

Kanler February 17, 2017

An urban modern style can be considered a melting pot of various interior design styles. Having influences from contemporary, minimalist, industrial, and even a bit of mid-century modern, an urban modern style only becomes it’s own due to the key differences that sets it apart.

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What is an urban modern design?

An urban modern design style is all about cosmopolitan living, or at the very least, cosmopolitan influence. It’s hip, trendy, and ultimately has a very industrial aesthetic, but with a much softer and less edgier side.

What an urban modern design strives for, is to give those that live in cities—or anyone with long workdays for that matter—a haven to refresh, be safe, and feel protected and nurtured in. Ultimately, all design styles try and obtain this goal of refreshment and safety, but urban modern strives even harder to do it above the rest: as life in a city can be far more hectic than life in the suburbs or country.

What are the elements of an urban modern design?

Many of the elements associated with an industrial designed space can be taken into consideration with an urban modern design. However, the details and aesthetics will be far more refined compared to an industrial design. As such, though high open ceilings in a loft or ex warehouse space would be the most suitable concept for an urban modern design like an industrial, leaving ducts and pipes exposed is not the urban modern way.

Overall, the key point to an urban modern design is to soften it up. An industrial design itself hearkens to a city influence due to its history, so in many regards, an urban modern design is the ‘modern’ update to an industrial design. Brick walls, rugged wood, steel floor-to-ceiling windows; coupled with soft neutral colors and plushier furniture, this is what a true urban modern space should have.

And as can be assumed through the floor-to-ceiling windows that are quite common in these spaces, lighting in an urban modern space is very important: preferably natural lighting—if at all possible. The key to making an urban modern designed home homey and airy is the correct lighting. Bedrooms and more personal areas shouldn’t have as much lighting, in order to obtain a more homey relaxed atmosphere, while the main living area of a home should have as much lighting as possible.

What type of person is an urban modern design for?

Definitely a someone that lives in a city: preferably as close to downtown as possible. But even then, someone who lives in a city may not want a design that reminds them of where they work and live. It all depends on who they are and their particular lifestyle.

However, what truly makes an urban modern design stand out is the fact that it shows you the softer side of the city: a softer side of where you live. In some regards, it may even help you better to appreciate where you live and how you’re living. A person that wants their life to have an all encompassing city vibe, or who dreams of city life in general, will ultimately love this design style.

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