Philadelphia: A City of Culture, History, and Affordability

Kanler March 13, 2017

If you live in Philadelphia—we’re sorry, “Philly”—then you’ve more than likely heard the term “Philly is the new Manhattan”: and in many ways that’s true.

Many of the things that made old Manhattan great is also making it’s way into Philly: the communities of artists, a revival of culture, and the affordability that Philly can offer if you know where to look.

But what truly makes Philly a city worth living in, is the history behind it, and how that history permeates throughout the city in its buildings and its architecture.

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What is Philadelphia’s architecture

No matter where in Philadelphia that you live, there is one thing we all know: row houses. Or more specifically; Georgian row houses.

If you live in the city proper rather than the outskirts or suburbs, this is the type of home that you must have: both as your own personal preference, and also, to fit into the character and history of Philly.

Though like Philadelphian history itself, mixing the old with the new is also quite common. Though the make-up of a Georgian row home has to have the same old bones, there are many ways that you can go about modernizing it. Whether it’s making the outside of the home post-modern with floor-to-ceiling windows, or even adding a solar panel on top of your home, the overall look of the Georgian home might not be as classic as some of your neighbors but the general concept will still be there. Along with some great modern day amenities.

Out in the outskirts of Philly or the suburbs, Georgian row homes are surprisingly—as we know—are not the norm. Instead, think colonial or even Victorian England. An English influence in general is seen throughout suburban Philly: especially the in the more established suburbs.

As with any kind of suburb of a city, there’s more leeway when it comes to how you design and construct your home. However, as Philly is a city full of history, we recommend keeping the outside as colonial and traditional as possible, while making the interior as modern as possible. For though we want to look like we live like colonials, we certainly don’t want to actually live like them.

Why should you live in Philadelphia?

Well, besides the fact that Philadelphia is a cultural hub, with it’s own unique lifestyle and history, another reason to pack you bags and move to Philly might be our main one: the affordability.

The median home price in the Philadelphia metro area is: $214,900. That in itself can’t be ignored when compared to the million dollar averages throughout metro New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

And even better deals can be found out in lesser established suburbs. But even so, the more established suburbs of Philly aren’t only relatively affordable—Chestnut Hill’s own average home cost is $613,096—but are full of great school districts, transportation to the city, and tight-knit communities.

So what’s your excuse? The great city of Philly and it’s affordable homes are right around the corner from you: go check them out!

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