Los Angeles City of Angels or City of Solar Panels?

Jeremy Kanler April 3, 2017

When we think of Los Angeles, we can’t help but picture the beach, golden tans—and above all—, the sun. And as much as the former two entice people all over the world to come live in Los Angeles the sun ends up being the true reason of why they stay. And no, it’s not from the good vibes it gives us, it’s the energy it gives us: it’s solar panels.

What are solar panels?

Or rather: what aren’t solar panels? Unless you’ve been living under a rock in Los Angeles, you’re bound to know what solar panels are. Though if you need to re educate yourself, by all means, that’s what Kanler’s here for.

Solar panels are active solar devices that convert sunlight into electricity. Going more in depth, the solar cell in each module converts into direct current (DC) electricity: somewhat similar to how cells in a plant convert solar energy to food via photosynthesis.

As mentioned, each solar cell is placed in a module with multiple other solar cells. Then, each module is then assembled together in a pre-wired system as a panel with other modules. Finally, the whole system comes together by making an array, a mash-up of any number of solar panels to be used as a solar power generating system. Look here for visuals.

But why solar panels in Los Angeles?

Again—especially in Los Angeles—have you been living under a rock? Well if you have that’s okay, we at Kanler sure haven’t.

Though the thing is, solar panels themselves are starting to become quite trendy: particularly in Los Angeles and California as a whole. From federal incentives (granted those might not last much longer) to local state incentives, installing solar panels or an entire array is far less costly than it used to be.

In fact, according to the sunmetrix grid parity map, the state of California as a whole ranks very high amongst states that benefit greatly for installing solar panels in their residences. And in this case, when we at Kanler mean you’ll benefit greatly from solar array installation, we don’t mean environmentally: we mean monetarily.

What does this mean?

Well, simply put, the sunmetrix grid parity map takes in the cost of the installation of the solar panels, while also comparing the average utility cost in each state. What tends to come out in every state—except poor Washington—is a savings of at least a few cents per kilowatt. In California’s case: you save an average of $.08 per kilowatt! That may not sound like much, but considering many kilowatts are used per hour, it quickly adds up.

But don’t take our word for it, look here. We at Kanler set up the minimal amount of solar panels that you should set up in a Los Angeles residence that would result in a surplus of energy. Translation; installing 18 solar panels in the Los Angeles area will result in near to no reliance on purchasing any outside energy!

And though installing an array of solar panels that large might seem daunting and expensive it actually isn’t. This multitude of panels costs about $18,000. With about $5,000 in federal tax credits, installing this many panels will be about $13,000—though take into account a couple thousand dollars towards maintenance.

Though keep in mind, more times than not you can afford to pay an upfront down payment for your panels and pay the rest with interest over a specified amount of time. And if paying via a down payment isn’t possible and you couldn’t even think of paying $13,000 upfront, leasing is always an option as well. Just a longer loan unfortunately.

But whatever you decide, always remember that what Los Angeles may lack in some resources, it more than makes up for with the sun. So, let’s use what we have to the fullest extent possible, and reap the electrical rewards.

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