If You Live in Denver, a Mudroom Might Be Necessary

Jeremy Kanler March 31, 2017

 If you live in the beautiful city of Denver, half your leisure time must naturally take place in the surrounding stunning landscape that the city has to offer.However, we all know that that same stunning landscape can be a hassle if it’s given free reign to run our lives. Whether it’s ski or golf equipment in our living rooms or snow/mud covered boots gracing the once pristine floors of our kitchen: what should stay outdoors sometimes doesn’t always.

And though you could easily choose not to have any of this equipment whatsoever, that’s an impossible choice when living in the city of Denver. So what’s the other option? A mudroom.

What is a mudroom?

We admit, though it’s a nearly an outdated concept, a mudroom is exactly what you might easily guess it to be: A room dedicated to objects that tend to be on the messy side.

Typically, but not always, a mudroom can coincide where one’s dryer and washer are placed in the home. In some ways, this can be very convenient, or very annoying, depending on how and where your mudroom is placed in the home and just what kind of person you are.

But why a mudroom in Denver?

Honestly; why not? It’s a room, dedicated to dirt and mess: what more could you ask for?

But okay, it is a somewhat outdated concept. For one, if you don’t mind cleaning up the threshold or front entrance of your home every time you or a family member decides to enjoy Denver’s outdoors, then more power to you. That’s probably unlikely though. 

More reasonably, you could use your garage as both a stager/organizer for your outdoor equipment, along with any mess that might be clinging to you upon your return. And this could certainly be a viable option. Unless of course, your garage is actually used for your cars. Or, if it already has it’s fair share of stored items and couldn’t possibly fit ski, golf, and mountain climbing equipment in it’s already overstocked hangers and shelves. Or your garage might not even be a garage: it could have been turned into an art or music studio, or even a man cave.

If any of the arguments above pertain to you, then chances are you’ll be in need of a mudroom.

What can a mudroom be used for in Denver?

Well, at this point that’ a moot-and-point question. A mudroom will sometimes double as an entrance to your home, depending on how often you and your family try and bring the outdoors, indoors. Therefore, a mudroom should be cleverly designed and positioned in your home, to allow easy enough access from both the front and back of your home. For example, it’s best to have a mudroom that isn’t too far from your driveway or garage. It should be close enough that it doesn’t feel as though you’re going out of your way to use it instead of the garage or front entrance, but far enough so as not to disturb the curb appeal and function of your home.

Basically, a mudroom needs to be well designed, well thought out, and created with the family in mind. If you’re a large family, you definitely don’t want a small mudroom. And if the mudroom might seem too big to you, doubling it as a the laundry room or an extra storage—which, in fact, you should do in the first place for any and all of your outdoor equipment—will help make the mudroom multifaceted and functional.

And though these questions can be answered, it’s best to find the right type of person to answer them for you. Thankfully, we at Kanler have got you covered in that department.

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