Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Kanler is a licensed General Contractor. In addition, Kanler only works with licensed, bonded, and insured firms for each division of construction trades.
Yes. Kanler has a Commercial General Liability (“CGL”) Insurance.
Yes. Kanler has Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance.
Kanler has never terminated a contract with a client. Kanler will guarantee its business with you until the end. Reputation and client satisfaction are two primary core values we work with.
Kanler will be in charge of the entire construction process - starting with project estimation and will manage all construction until we have a successful project closeout.
Kanler uses a systematic methodology when approaching our projects to ensure we achieve successful execution. Kanler leverages our large network of high-quality local contractors to assemble the right team to deliver your dream project on time and on budget. Kanler is able to consistently deliver our projects at this level of service by utilizing our technology which serves as a highly effective reporting and monitoring system. This technology helps keep top management informed on all of our projects, make the right decisions the first time, and most importantly keep the client engaged + educated about their project.
Our clients are very pleased with our completed work and intend to do repeat business with Kanler.
Kanler furnishes protection for all of our projects as required by your projects unique scope of work. Kanler's ensures a clean, safe work environment for employees, residents, and neighbors.
Kanler clearly defines the project scope of work for your project and provides extensive pre-construction to minimize the amount of change orders. A perfect project for Kanler is a job with Zero change orders. By starting with a needs assessment and high level discussion to determine what is most important to our clients we are able to provide a clear view of what your project costs include. Kanler also provides transparent pricing in our proposal. We structure the bid into two sections, cost for rough construction and estimated budget for your allowances which is the owners to spend on their selected finish materials. This ensures you are spending your money on the most important aspects to you and can save money on specific scope items as needed. Kanler's goal is to deliver high quality projects within budget and on time.
90% of Kanler's business is referral based. Kanler has grown exponentially since day one and managed to build our reputation in the construction industry.
Yes. You can find various pictures for most of our projects on Kanler website in the portfolio section. You can also see locations of Kanler projects on our map at the bottom of our home page.
Yes. Kanler will be your primary point of contact through our team members on site, our field engineers, and your dedicated project manager at the office.
Kanler utilizes our technology to keep our Clients informed with daily updates, including action items / document control in Kanler's cloud, along with supplementary pictures and videos. For every project, Kanler assigns a Kanler project field engineer who is responsible for managing the project onsite progress and reporting. Kanler developed a technology which allow our team to upload all data regarding the project progress. Additionally, every client will have their own login to Kanler Technology where our clients can view this information.