What’s your Favorite Room?

Kanler March 19, 2017

We all like different parts of our homes for different reasons, but do our ages or genders have anything to say about which rooms we love? Quite possibly.
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It isn’t hard to guess what their favorite place tends to be: their room. Why? It’s often a sanctuary, the place where they can go and just be themsleves and do what they want. Within reason of course, no room should be obscenely dirty or a chaotic mess. Just ask a parent, especially one who longs for more and better toy storage, even if it’s only used sometimes.


Over time, and depending on the man himself, favorite rooms can change. In general, however, a man’s favorite room tends to be place he can call his own. Some men prefer the living room because that’s where they watch television, sports and movies, or play video games. Other times, it’s his own office, a place that he can go to work, read or think behind a closed door. And finally, there’s the elusive and coveted “man cave,” the adult version of a tree house or snow fort.


Now we come to the most stereotyped place a women is expected to love: the kitchen. Again, this depends on the person. If you’re a women who doesn’t cook, chances are you might avoid the kitchen and use the refrigerator mainly to store nail polish, frozen dinners and coffee. Whether willing or reluctant, cooks (of any gender) love to have a fully equipped, well planned, up-to-date kitchen. Even occasional cooks can appreciate the fact that the kitchen is where family time most often happens, where conversations take place and food is shared. Some of the best family moments happen in the kitchen.

In fact, the space that women tend to love best is a master bedroom and master bath suite, especially when the area feels like a haven or retreat at the end of a long day and includes a walk-in closet with plenty of well designed space and good lighting.


Think About It

Stereotypes and assumptions aside, when you contemplate renovating your home or improving its resale value, it pays to think about favorite rooms — both yours and your potential buyers’.

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