Why Contractors choose Kanler

Consistent business/


As a general contractor you always are worried how to get your next project. You waste time and money on advertising, giving free estimates, driving around. Some GCs go bankrupt by doing this. Not with Kanler. If you are extremely high quality and follow Kanler’s directions, we will keep you in the Kanler system for a long time and you will have the assurance of steady income.

Zero overhead for you


As a GC on your own, you have to be a full company. You need an admin to handle your paperwork, you need an office, you need branding, you need logos. Not with Kanler. You just work with Kanler and Kanler will handle everything for you! All you need to do is really good construction work.



At Kanler you are always working with other really high quality workers of different trades. Working with people who are very skilled and high quality will help you improve your own work and make you better and better over time.

Opportunity to grow your business


When you get more and more work from Kanler, you increase your profits. You can use these profits to hire more carpenters, more drywall guys, etc. to grow your company. This will allow you to do even more work for Kanler and get even more profits!

Clear directions


Often times as a GC working on your own, you feel lost on the jobsite. You don’t know what the right next step is. You are scared to make a mistake. Not with Kanler. If you are stuck and need answers to any questions, just ask our Project Manager assigned to you. Our Project Manager will help you to answer questions. You have Kanler’s full support so that you can do great quality work at the jobsite.

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