What Is Coastal Style?

Kanler December 30, 2016

Neither Mediterranean nor nautical, coastal design is a style all its own. Simply put, coastal style is beachy: white tones accented with soft colors, an abundance of natural light and crisp clean furniture.

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Whereas nautical design tends to feature natural wood, rocks, seashells, rope and bolder colors for a pirate-life vibe, coastal is nearly the opposite. True coastal design evokes the easy breeziness of the beach in subtle ways. Never loud or forceful, it speaks in the soft low tones of waves breaking on the sand and warm summer breezes.

Coastal design is easy, clean, casual and natural. White often the anchors design scheme, giving rooms a serene relaxed vibe. Accent colors are typically soft: neutrals, light blues, greys and greens. Natural fabrics and fibers predominate, and wood is often painted. Sea grass, straw and the ever popular jute are frequent flooring choices, as much for their durability as their relaxed style.

Finally, a coastal home has causal furniture. Think of simple slip-covered pieces in cotton or linen for an easy beach vibe.

Who is this design style for?

The breezy feel of coastal design suits people who want to feel as relaxed at home as they do on a beach vacation, who value a sense of calm and peace, and whose style is casual and easy.

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