A Porch Made for Seattle Weather In Mind

Kanler March 10, 2017

Seattle is a very hot city to live in nowadays. Unfortunately the weather doesn’t always agree with that statement. Though we all know our sweet city of Seattle isn’t known for being all that chilly, it’s known throughout the world for it’s near non-stop rainy season: second only to good old Great Britain.

Still, it’s a shame that typically half the days in Seattle result in staying home due to the rain, because otherwise, the weather in Seattle is perfect! In fact, if there was a way to be outside and somehow not get wet, that would be the perfect solution. And thankfully there is: a screened in porch.

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What is a screened in porch?

Self explanatory in itself, a screened in porch is just that—a porch with screens built into it. As with screens in windows, the concept of a screened in porch is ultimately the same—just with a porch.

But more than likely you already new this, otherwise you wouldn’t be contemplating having a screened in porch installed in your home at this very moment.

Pros of a screened in porch

Well besides our aforementioned point of Seattle’s weather, having a screened in porch has very many uses besides being your back-up outdoors plan in case the cities weather chooses not to be agreeable. Which is typically always when you want it to be agreeable.

But what are the other reasons? Well, quite honestly, that is the reason. The reason to have a screened in porch, is so you and your family can enjoy the mild weather that Seattle has to offer and for longer periods of time.

Just think, if your screened in porch is big enough, you can even entertain guests in there, making an indoors-outdoors sort of setting. And of course, if the weather chooses to be agreeable, you may even have your party completely outdoors. But by having a screened in porch, you have the option of extending the party outdoors, by moving it there. Nice night or not, recent storm or not, there’s one thing that can and will always ruin an outdoor party: bugs.

Though unless you live by the water, Seattle citizens get lucky when it comes to mosquitoes due to our weather being mild but cool. But bugs are bugs, and even with mosquitos not being so much of an issue, other sorts will always be attracted to the allure of food.

Cons of a screened in porch

Though some of us of live for the cold and could easily wear shorts year round in Seattle, the majority of people do not typically share this mindset. With that said, even with the added benefit of Seattle’s relatively mild weather, it’s still more on the cool side. This means, for about half of the year—give or take a month or two due to the changing climate—using a screened in porch everyday will just not happen for most people.

There’s also the glaring fact that we haven’t discussed—how the heck will screens protect us from a deluge of rain? Well considering many of the showers that happen in Seattle are the more misty or light varieties certainly helps. However, as the occasional super storm occurs, there are additional measures to protect yourself from you and your porch getting wet. Install awnings around the perimeter of your screened in porch, attach weather resistant shades, or install jalousie windows that allow for air ventilation while also allowing you to still see outdoors.

Weather you pick one or all three of these options, anyone of them can help to keep you outdoors, dry, and all together happy that you can finally enjoy the Seattle weather without fear of a rainy day.

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